Parks of Ontario

The Parks of Ontario A large part of Ontario is covered by protected parks and wilderness areas.

There are over 270 Provincial Parks, six National Parks, including an underwater marine park, national historic sites and hundreds of conservations areas in Ontario. Those with a passion for the outdoors can find a range of experiences from the wild and challenging to family-oriented outings. The choices are endless, but it is always guaranteed that the setting is amidst a spectacular natural backdrop, some surprisingly close to urban centres.

Visit a park and take a timeout from the quick pace of everyday life.

Choose the length of time you wish to spend and the type of scenery you want to see. Spend a day, a weekend or longer getting close to nature, hiking, paddling our lakes and rivers, walking along sand dune lined beaches, seeing interesting nature and wildlife or learning through parks' staff and visitors' centres.

Sample many different and distinct parks during your adventures and along your traveling routes. Make a trip to a park a getaway in itself and spend one or many nights sleeping under the stars in a tent or enjoy the warmth and comfort of an Ontario Parks yurt, cabin or lodge.

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